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Sweet Crochet! Donuts.

Some of you might have read my August book review in August edition of On the hook newsletter. Its was Twinkie Chan’s Crocheted Abobe A la Mode

I purposely brought the book for the Giant Doughnut pouf pattern. But i made a bit of a whoopsie :). I got so excited when my book arrived my fingers ran off to teh internet and ordered the yarn in a dash. I when with one of my favorite trusted brands Stylecraft. I ordered the correct amount and a brand new Clover 9mm hook.

So I sat back and waited. My yarn arrived and i pulled everything out to set up my work station (read: corner of my couch).

Something didn’t seem quite right, my new shiny hook looked way to big! then it hit me, I had ordered chunky yarn instead of Super Bulky. Yes there is a huge difference.

What was i to do? It would have cost more than the yarn itself to send back to the UK. I could have doubled up on the chuck yarn and made it thicker but to be true full I dont like doubling up yarn. I could order a new batch of of yarn in the correct weight but I didn’t want to wait. So I compromised, I used the chunky yarn but dropped the size of the hook down to the recommended size for chunky – 6mm.

Materials: I ordered 6 in the camel and 3 in fondant.

and off i went! As i got half way through and began my color change I noticed I had enough for a second one. Matching doughnut.. heaven.

They were super easy to make, all single crochet. I brought a huge box of poly fill thinking i was going to make a giant doughnut. These 2 didn’t take much at all.

They came out a great size for little ones. Now on to the sprinkles, I had a assortment of Caron Simply Soft to use for the sprinkles, I thought the nice shine to the yarn would give the sprinkles a nice touch. But they were a fail 😦 they came out rather looking like a feminine product. So I when down a weight size to DK.. Yes you guessed SSDK.


I love the way they came out in the end even after the troubles and woes I had. They are to be gifted to two special little girls for reading poufs.


Love Pippin

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