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The Raven Ombre Pack

The Raven
A queen wished her naughty daughter would turn into a raven and fly away, so she could have some peace, and her wish was instantly fulfilled. She flew away to a forest……..

I can relate to to this.. Though I wouldn’t wish my son to fly way, I do wish that he would fly away to his bedroom sometimes..

I recently decorated Lucian’s bedroom in shades of black, greys and a touch of red. But his room is missing one of mommy’s handmade creations so my next project will be for  him.

I haven’t quite decided on a pattern yet, I have a few ideas floating around. It has to be something masculine as my 9 year old would just simply refuse a blanket resembling anything “girly” .

I know if I use the colors in the pack as they are intended from light to dark and vice versa whatever pattern I choose would look stunning. So perhaps a ripple or a chevron, some thing with stripes.

I purchased the deluxe pack, with 2 balls of each of the colors i should have a good size throw for his bed. Packs can be purchased at

Do you have a Little Raven? What would be you choice of pattern?





2 thoughts on “The Raven Ombre Pack”

  1. I love the selection, partly because I love ravens, especially as they relate to Norwegian mythology. If I were making a blanket from this I would create a design based on thr Escher print that shows birds morphing into fish. That idea is not mine; I recently saw it on a blog, but at the moment can’t remember which one. I love how the light and dark mingle. This would be easy to mirror so the outsides were dark and the centre light, too. Here’s a link; the picture I’m referring to is at the top left corner of the page.
    ~ Linne


    1. Oh a nice illusion, you should take a look at my Fade Pattern. I’m actually using the Raven pack in my next project with a few additional colors. If. You decide to make something please keep me posted 😁


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